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Rab Element 1 Bug Tent

item #RAB00BU
Price: $74.95 Buy Rab Element 1 Bug Tent
Rab Element 1 Bug Tent
Rab Element 1 Bug Tent description:
In northern climates and thick forests, sleeping in the open is the same as ringing a dinner bell for blood-thirsty mosquitoes, disease-carrying ticks, and unrelenting black flies. Protecting you from biting insects, the Rab Element 1 Bug Tent is an ultralight bug-proof shelter for solo backpackers. Weighing only 1lb 4oz, this minimalist shelter is an excellent choice for backpackers packing light and moving fast through the wilderness. Two trekking poles are required for set up, with two guyline points for staking it down in windy conditions. The tent's water-resistant, bathtub-style floor prevents ground moisture from seeping through. The no-see-um mesh upper is a tight weave polyester mesh for an open, airy feel and unrestricted stargazing and prevents the smallest of midges, gnats, and flying insects. And for camping out in passing showers, Rab's Element 1 Shelter pitches over the top for weather-shedding protection.

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