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Rab Andes 1000 Sleeping Bag: -17 Degree Down

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Price: $774.95 Buy Rab Andes 1000 Sleeping Bag: -17 Degree Down
Rab Andes 1000 Sleeping Bag: -17 Degree Down
Rab Andes 1000 Sleeping Bag: -17 Degree Down description:
Equipped for expedition use in Arctic and high-altitude climates, the Rab Andes 1000 Sleeping Bag keeps you from freezing to death when you're sleeping in sub-zero temperatures. Water-resistant Pertex Endurance and Microlight fabrics prevent outside moisture and built-up perspiration from compromising the loft of its 800-fill European goose down. This absurdly warm insulation traps precious body heat when you're sleeping above the Arctic Circle or camping precariously above 20,000 feet. Also, the down's hydrophobic coating repels moisture from killing its heat-trapping loft. As if that's not enough, the massive amount of down filling weighs in over two pounds (fill weight is 35. 2-ounces) for a bag that's comfortable down to negative 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Ultra-warm sleeping bags aren't any good if your body heat seeps out like a leaky faucet. To combat the loss of precious body heat in extreme climates, this sleeping bag features close-fitting neck and face baffles, complete with a collar and drawcord hood to lock-in fiery body heat. At the torso, longitudinal baffles use Flowgate technology to keep down insulation from migrating and leaving cold spots. The footbox also has these longitudinal baffles. Other well-designed features include an internal zippered stash pocket and dry bag compression sack for weatherproof storage and carrying.

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