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Quarq DZero Power Meter Spider

item #QRQ0019
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Quarq DZero Power Meter Spider
Quarq DZero Power Meter Spider description:
Quarq built the DZero Power Meter Spider for two very good reasons. The first is upgrade purposes, letting current Quarq owners take advantage of the DZero's updates by swapping out the spider but keeping the same crank arms and spindle. (After all, why dump perfectly good components') The second reason is part of Quarq's new Quarq Prime initiative, where the brand is shipping SRAM-built cranksets on new bicycles that are already primed for power. Like with the upgrade process described above, you'll just have to pop the Prime crank's mundane spider off, replace it with the DZour power model, and get to cranking. If you've got the Prime crank and want to up your training/competitive game, then the upgrade makes obvious sense. If you're already rocking a previous generation of Quarq's 8-bolt powermeter spider, then the reasons are, admittedly, less compelling, and are defined by the internal changes Quarq made to the meter. Of these, the most important is to the heart of the meter itself: the strain gauges and measurement circuitry. The new design requires less correction in order to maintain accuracy in drastic temperature changes. Fewer corrections mean the DZero also better rations battery life than Quarq's previous power meter models, though when the battery does go out, you can still change it without tools or having to ship the whole thing to the manufacturer. It still incorporates five strain gauges strategically placed throughout the spider, and it's also still got the same claimed accuracy of +/- 1. 5%, so its numbers are 0. 5% more accurate than most meters. DZero's accuracy is further boosted by the return of Quarq's 10k dynamic temperature compensation technology, which alleviates the need for constant, mid-race zeroings in variable conditions. Even if it's just coasting for a few seconds or toggling through your head unit to the proper option, it can still be the difference between winning and losing. It's also obnoxious as hell. The DZero is equi...

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