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Petzl Trigrest Hand Rest

item #PTZ006W
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Petzl Trigrest Hand Rest
Petzl Trigrest Hand Rest description:
Use the Petzl Trigrest Hand Rest when you need to cross over or choke up before a big move. The Trigrest improves your grip on your handle-less ice axe, so you won't have to worry about dropping it. Since it has a tool-less adjustment system, it's easy to slide this hand rest up and out of the way when you need the shaft to go in deep on alpine climbs. In the low position, this hand rest provides a brace for your index to boost grip strength and planting precision. The Trigrest works with the Petzl Ride, Glacier, Glacier Literide, Summit, Sum'tec. and Gully, and it weighs 15 grams.

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