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Petzl Sm'D Locking Carabiner

item #PTZ006A
Price: $15.95 Buy Petzl Sm'D Locking Carabiner
Petzl Sm'D Locking Carabiner
Petzl Sm'D Locking Carabiner description:
Climbers can be pretty picky about what rock they want to ascend. Some prefer long granite pitches high in the alpine, while others dig limestone or sandstone climbs closer to the ground. There are even some who don't prefer rock at allie. plastic pullers. Whatever your preference, Petzl's Sm'D Locking Carabiner will serve you in good stead. Its unique I profile keeps things light on long alpine approaches, and it still ensures long-lasting durability for belaying at gyms and crags. The Sm'D also features a unique, discrete hole at the bottom of the gate that secures Petzl's Tibloc or Micro Traxion so you don't lose them mid-climb.

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