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Petzl Paso Guide 7.7mm Rope

item #PTZ005L
Price: $179.95 Buy Petzl Paso Guide 7.7mm Rope
Petzl Paso Guide 7.7mm Rope
Petzl Paso Guide 7.7mm Rope description:
The Paso Guide 7. 7mm Rope is Petzl's ultralight, ultra compact twin or half rope recently updated with a Guide UI Dry treatment for ice climbing and technical mountaineering. Guide UI Dry treats both the sheath and core to practically eliminate water absorption (less than 2%) and exceed UI standards for safety. The rope's UltraSonic finish bonds the rope's sheath and core to prevent any sheath slippage for long-lasting durability. There's a middle marker, and the rope comes in Petzl's Climb Ready Coil so you don't have to go through a complicated uncoiling system that can damage your rope right out of the bag.

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