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Petzl Macchu Harness - Kids'

item #PTZ002B
Price: $49.95 Buy Petzl Macchu Harness - Kids'
Petzl Macchu Harness - Kids'
Petzl Macchu Harness - Kids' description:
Put your kid in the Petzl Kids' Macchu Harness to ensure that he or she stays secure and comfortable while they learn the simple joys of finishing a route. Modeled after Petzl's adult harnesses, the Macchu utilizes Endoframe construction to distribute weight evenly for optimal comfort. Two Doubleback buckles at the waist allow the tie down point to be perfectly centered, while the colored connection point makes for a quick visual check by the belayer. For added security, pair the Macchu with the Petzl Body chest harness to prevent your little one from going inverted.

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