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Profile Design T3+ Carbon Clip-On TT Bar

item #PRD002D
Price: $224.99 Buy Profile Design T3+ Carbon Clip-On TT Bar
Profile Design T3+ Carbon Clip-On TT Bar
Profile Design T3+ Carbon Clip-On TT Bar description:
Unlike many companies that sell base bar and extensions as a one-piece deal, Profile Design has another option if you're looking to customize your tri or time-trial position. If you use a Profile base bar for a complete setup, or you just want to use your drop road bars as a base, add the T3 Plus Carbon Clip-On TT Bars to your cockpit give you a balance of comfort, control, and TT- and tri-worthy aerodynamics. Featuring a drop-bend shape, the T3 Plus' deeper downward angle gives you a few more options for hand and wrist placement than a traditional ski-bend extension to eliminate stiffness during all-day rides. Its cushy armrests will keep your elbows supported as you head out to log endurance-building miles ahead of that spring 70. 3, and the easy-to-operate J5 bracket offers an extensive range of options for quick customization.

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