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Profile Design 78/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset

item #PRD002C
Price: $999.99 Buy Profile Design 78/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset
Profile Design 78/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset
Profile Design 78/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset description:
For the past few decades, Profile Design has led the industry in aerobar design and expanded its purview to include additional accessories and componentry. During this expansion the company dipped its toes into the world of wheels to create the 78/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset. Happily for us, Profile also brought its expertise in aerodynamics and reputation for durability along for the ride. To create the 78/TwentyFour, Profile collaborated with Computational Fluid Dynamics specialists and spent many hours in the wind tunnel to determine the best rim shape to reduce drag and stay steady in crosswinds. Part of this process included mapping out weather data gathered from recent high-level cycling and triathlon events to recreate wind conditions and test potential wheel behavior in real-world conditions while still taking advantage of the controlled data gathering of a wind tunnel. The result of all this analysis is a wheel that isn't just fast in a sterile lab environment -- it's fast out on the road and will cut through the wind like a hot knife through the butter that you've given up eating while cutting down to race weight. As far as shape is concerned, the name says it all with these wheels. They feature a 78mm deep-dish, aerodynamic rim with an external width of 24. 5mm. While the latter dimension accommodates the current trend of wider tires with lower PSI for a plusher ride that reduces rolling resistance, the real story here is the shape the rim takes across those 78mm of depth. The rim bulges slightly, with a rounded spoke-facing edge to better manage crosswinds for more stability than traditional airfoil rims. Profile uses its own high Tg point resin at the carbon braking surface for a claimed 30% increase in heat capacity compared to other high Tg resins used across the industry. This means, in theory, that the 78/TwentyFours have better, more consistent braking across changing and inclement weather conditions and long descents than the competi...

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