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Profile Design Vertex Saddle - Chromoly Rail

item #PRD001P
Price: $64.95 Buy Profile Design Vertex Saddle - Chromoly Rail
Profile Design Vertex Saddle - Chromoly Rail
Profile Design Vertex Saddle - Chromoly Rail description:
When you're racing a time trial or a triathlon, you know body position is crucial to not fatiguing too early. Body position can be heavily impacted by your saddle, which is why Profile Design engineered its Vertex Saddle line specifically for riding these disciplines. The Chromoly Rail version includes lightweight, responsive chromoly steel rails, and was designed with a seat tube angle of 75 to 80 degrees in mind. Foam is injected to pair with a composite shell to create a shape that's most anatomically efficient for riders who are stretched out over their aerobars for long periods of time, and the Vertex is built with a strategic cutout in the middle to relieve pressure and provide ventilation while you race. Over the top of the shell, an anti-slip microfiber cover keeps things feeling soft, while Profile Design kept the durometer high enough to make sure you get the support and longevity you need out of this event-specific saddle. The Vertex will add about 310g to your frame, and its clamp diameter measures 7mm.

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