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Profile Design T5+ Aluminum Clip-On Aerobar

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Price: $139.95 Buy Profile Design T5+ Aluminum Clip-On Aerobar
Profile Design T5+ Aluminum Clip-On Aerobar
Profile Design T5+ Aluminum Clip-On Aerobar description:
If you're a fan of the speed benefits of racing with aerobars, but not the feel of carbon, Profile Design's Aluminum version of its T5+ Clip-On Aerobar offers a similar design and actually weighs in less than the carbon counterparts. With this model, Profile Design offers an affordable clip-on option to choose from for getting your road bike ready for a tri, with a few different features but the same high-performance shape and room for customization as the carbon T5+.As mentioned, the extensions and basebar of the T5+ are made with aluminum, and Profile Design uses its J2 extension brackets, which offer plenty of opportunity to adjust both the length and rotation of the armrest position. The armrests themselves are made with F-19a aluminum topped by cushy EVA foam pads that are cleanly attached without the use of straps. They offer four fore/aft positions for you to choose from and 15 degrees of room to adjust the rotation to get the right fit for your race. The T5+ extensions were designed with performance in mind, and they're much more aggressive than other models from Profile Design. Well-suited to racing, they include just a slight 15 degree ski-bend to keep your wrists and hands comfortable, and they weigh about 500g, compared to the 575g T5+ carbon.

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