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Profile Design T3+ Clip-On Aerobars

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Price: $139.99 Buy Profile Design T3+ Clip-On Aerobars
Profile Design T3+ Clip-On Aerobars
Profile Design T3+ Clip-On Aerobars description:
Carbon isn't every cyclist's cup of tea. And whether you appreciate the strength of aluminum or the price, Profile Design's T3 Plus Clip-On TT Bars will make your cockpit aerodynamic without breaking the bank. Profile Design's T3 Plus clip-on TT bars were constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum, a lightweight and durable alloy. And while they might not be widely held as "sexy" like the T3 carbon bars, they make up for it with almost 150g in weight savings. Who said carbon is always lightest' They have a drop-bend shape -- similar to the traditional ski-bend but with a deeper angle along the extension. This allows for more hand and wrist positions, which in turn, creates a more individualized comfort. The T3 Plus also includes Profile's J2 brackets. These forged brackets easily adjust to customize length, width, and rotation of the armrests. The injection molded F-19 armrests are finished with an EVA-molded pad for long days stretched out over the road. The Profile Designs T3 Plus Clip-On TT bars fit both 31. 8mm and 26. 0mm bars (with the included shim). They tip the scales around 498 grams per pair, and they're available in one size and in the color Black. Please note that these bars feature a drop-bend shape.

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