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Profile Design Aeria T4

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Profile Design Aeria T4
Profile Design Aeria T4 description:
If your taste is more to a traditional bend aerobar, but you want the fastest, most adjustable bar available, Profile Designs Aeria T4 may just fit the bill. This full carbon aerobar is an award winning design that delights bike fitters with 8 bolts and seemingly infinitely movable arm rests and extensions. The UCI 3:1 ratio rule segregated aerobars into two categories for several years: those that were compliant and good for time trialists and cyclists, and those that weren't, and were only fit for triathletes who don't fall under UCI regulations. Fitters didn't have optimal choices for athletes, and often riders were relegated to a sub-par aerodynamic position. Not only does the Aeria T2 fulfill the UCI 3:1 ratio requirement, they are shorter and more streamlined which give you better control while climbing in the bull-horns. Profile Designs molded the basebar from a from high-modulus carbon fiber which provides optimal strength to weight ratio. Using this material, rather than aluminum, allowed Profile to optimize the shape to create the least amount of drag that was still compliant to UCI 3:1. If you look closer you'll see how the series of tapered points, from the center to the shoulder and then again from the brake caliper to the shoulder, form a series of airfoil-like designs that cut through the air. The bar is designed for internal cable routing and is Di2 compatible, which further lends to its clean, wind-cheating profile. The patent-pending J4 brackets connect to the bars in a simple fashion so that you won't struggle with not having enough hands for installation. While they champ down the extensions, they simultaneously attach to the base bar. The entire system features only 8-marine grade bolts that control the adjustment for six different points. The armrest clamps are narrower than Profile's other versions, which also minimizes the surface that comes in contact with the wind. Stack height moves from 55 to 135mm making it the highest ...

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