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Poler The Reversible Napsack

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Poler The Reversible Napsack
Poler The Reversible Napsack description:
Life is good. By day you surf perfect pipelines and by night you relax at your beach-side campsite in The Reversible Napsack by Poler. Unzip the arms and cinch the drawstring bottom around your waist to give yourself the freedom to move around the campsite. When the sun sets, pull the hem down around your feet to retain warmth as you and your friends talk late into the night. And when you're ready to crawl into your tent and catch some z's, tie the hem closed and zip the arms in to seal in warmth for a comfortable night's sleep. Additionally, the Reversible Napsack is made from soft microfiber material and features a playful print on the front and a solid print on the reverse for variety. Thermastuff insulation and an adjustable hood work together to retain heat to keep you cozy as you snooze or hang out. And with its half-zip design for easy on and off, as well as the snap pockets (which keep all of your necessities secure and close at hand) you'll never want to leave this napsack. Well, at least until you see those waves at first light.

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