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POC Resistance Pro XC Glove

item #POC009O
Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $41.96
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POC Resistance Pro XC Glove
POC Resistance Pro XC Glove description:
Unfortunately, it's time to accept you aren't going to find your missing bike gloves. Yes, they probably did fly off the back of the car after you left them there when you drove away from the trailhead last summer. Now that you've accepted it, replace the dirty, sweat-caked gloves of your memory with the POC Reistance Pro XC instead. It'll soon be covered in dirt and sweat too, but its breathable construction and lightweight palms free of gel padding keep the focus on speed, not cush. If you value grip and precision over plushness on the XC course, the Resistance Pro XC's the glove you'll want.

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