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POC Resistance Pro Enduro Glove

item #POC009F
Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $41.96
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POC Resistance Pro Enduro Glove
POC Resistance Pro Enduro Glove description:
Balancing protection with mobility in enduro riding is a delicate undertaking. In an ideal world, we'd all ride with the protection of a boxing glove and the dexterity of a paper-thin XC glove, but in reality, we settle for something in-between. POC understands, and it caters to the middle ground of enduro with the Resistance Pro Enduro Glove. With strategic padding across the knuckles, the Resistance will come between you and a hard branch or rock without impacting your control in the cockpit. It receives a boost of durability with strategic panels of Cordura acting as reinforcement in high-wear areas, while the rest of the glove features a flexible, breathable construction that keeps your hands dry and free to move.

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