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POC Fondo Long Glove

item #POC008L
Price: $54.95
Sale Price: $32.10
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POC Fondo Long Glove
POC Fondo Long Glove description:
A little bit of padding goes a long way on weekend rides that stretch on forever, but it doesn't have to be bulky. Add the Poc Fondo Long Glove to your kit this year if sleek, minimal styles speak to you over bright, bold ones. This clean road glove comes with extra cush along the palm to absorb fatiguing road noise and vibrations, as well as supple silicon printing for improved dexterity on hot days that leave you covered in a sheen. When you're on hour four of an eight-hour exploratory ride with your crew, the Fondo will make sure it's your legs, not your hands, that finally send you turning back towards home.

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