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POC Crane Commuter Helmet

item #POC006Q
Price: $129.95
Sale Price: $61.88
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POC Crane Commuter Helmet
POC Crane Commuter Helmet description:
POC's well known for its laser focus on safety, and has cultivated quite the knack for packing industry-leading protection into a uniquely stylish package that we're happy to don every time we clip in. With its magnetic Fidlock buckle and easy-access adjustment system, you can quickly strap down your POC Crane Commuter Helmet with one hand while you tend to coffee, keys, and keeping the cat from hitching a ride in your pannier bag with the other.POC constructs the Crane with a progressive core, dual density EPS liner to help better absorb the force of an impact in the event of a crash. A durable outer shell resists denting from day-to-day abuse, keeping the Crane's appealing exterior intact when you forget that it's strapped to your pack and inadvertently bonk it against every door frame from sidewalk to office.

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