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POC Octal Aero Helmet

item #POC002U
Price: $269.95
Sale Price: $121.48
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POC Octal Aero Helmet
POC Octal Aero Helmet description:
When the number one thing on your mind is aerodynamics, the number one thing on your head should be the POC Octal Aero Raceday helmet. The Octal foregoes vents in favor of aerodynamic efficiency. To make up for the vents, POC lined the Octal with Coolbest pads, which promote airflow and manage moisture to keep your dome dry and cool. Safety considerations are handled by POC's impact-dispersing unibody polycarbonate construction and strategically mapped EPS foam. POC also molded the straps directly into the liner for aerodynamics, comfort, and durability. Size adjustments are made with a twist of the adjustment dial.

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