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POC Receptor + Bike Helmet

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POC Receptor + Bike Helmet
POC Receptor + Bike Helmet description:
You have a quiver of skis, a collection of bikes, a whole bunch of skateboards, and a few kayaks, so you probably need a whole mess of helmets to keep your noggin safe, right' Welllll, no. All you really need is the POC Receptor+ Bike Helmet. It's fully certified for snow sports, biking, skating, and paddling --seriously--so it's the only domepiece you'll need to get though four seasons of fun. How can one helmet do all that' It starts with the Ventilate Double Shell Anti-Penetration System (VDSAP) which, as the name suggests, uses dual overlapping shells to provide impact protection and shock absorption. Additionally, an Aramid Penetration Barrier hardens upon impact to provide extra protection, and a multi-impact EPP liner keeps your head safe from crash one to crash 100. For cold-weather sports, the Receptor+ ships with a removable winter lining and goggle clip, and for watery pursuits, POC included replacement EVA foam padding and plastic ear protectors.

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