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PNW Components Rainier Dropper Seatpost - Internal Routing

item #PNW0007
Price: $259.99 Buy PNW Components Rainier Dropper Seatpost - Internal Routing
PNW Components Rainier Dropper Seatpost - Internal Routing
PNW Components Rainier Dropper Seatpost - Internal Routing description:
PNW Components developed the Rainier Dropper Seatpost with Internal Routing for greater levels of reliability, smooth operation, and easy servicing in mind, so you can spend more time riding your favorite trails and less time messing with a finicky dropper post. It's available in a wide range of dropper lengths, from the shorter 80-millimeter options for endurance and XC riders, all the way up to 125-millimeter versions for dedicated trail enthusiasts seeking a greater drop across technical terrain. The Rainier Dropper lacks an adjustable air preload, which means its return speed isn't adjustable and it's a bit heavier than others on the market. However, before you run off to look at the competition, PNW Components actually scraped this design feature due to its increase in manufacturing costs, as well as its tendency to become sticky, due to the tiny tolerances needed to make adjustable air preload work. Instead, PNW Components uses a spring for the preload, which keeps its overall cost very affordable and reduces overall maintenance for less hassle on the trail. Its sealed damping cartridge consists of a two-stage damping unit that uses both air and hydraulic fluid, resulting in a nice, smooth rate of return--without having to constantly check on air pressure while riding. Not only is it very reliable, but it's also incredibly fast and easy to service, as the whole damping unit pulls out without much hassle. This is great, as there's no open bath of fluid and no replacement seals for easier servicing at the shop or home. One of the last impressive features with this dropper lies in its ability to virtually eliminate play in the seat, which has incessantly plagued droppers since inception. PNW Components eliminates side-to-side play with their "Spin-Stop" technology. This innovative feature employs a keyed slider, with an inner portion with machined slots locking into the stanchion's brass keys, thereby eliminating the side-to-side motion experienced with othe...

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