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Primus ETA Lite Plus Stove

item #PMS000C
Price: $114.95 Buy Primus ETA Lite Plus Stove
Primus ETA Lite Plus Stove
Primus ETA Lite Plus Stove description:
The Primus ETA Lite Plus Stove is an excellent choice for solo backpacking trips or if you want to make coffee for two before your partner wakes up. Laminar Flow Burner Technology gives this compact stove a lower burn-rate to make it more convenient and lightweight than most all-in-one stoves. A patented mechanism locks a 3. 5-ounce gas cartridge (sold separately) to the anodized aluminum pot in order to make it sturdier and more stable so you can cook over precarious terrain more easily; it also features a foot support for even more stability on uneven surfaces. You can also suspend it from the trees with the safety strap on the heat-resistant case. The lid cuts cooking time significantly and keeps all the parts together during travel, and it doubles as a mug so you don't have to bring more gear than you need.

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