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Pearl Izumi Summit Glove - Women's

item #PLZ00DZ
Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $24.46
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Pearl Izumi Summit Glove - Women's
Pearl Izumi Summit Glove - Women's description:
Whether you're dropping in on a technical trail system, lining up for a local cyclocross race, or just feel better with a bit of extra hand protection on the road, Pearl Izumi's Women's Summit Gloves have got your paws covered. The palms are made from soft, durable synthetic leather and silicone screening on the fingers for sure bar grip, with lightweight neoprene protection on the back of the hand to protect from errant debris. The index finger and thumb get conductive synthetic leather for easy use of touchscreen devices so you can answer important calls and document the adventure without needing to take your gloves on and off at each stop. Final touches include a hook-and-loop wrist closure to dial in the fit and a soft terry thumb back to deftly wipe away sweat on the fly.

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