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Peak Design POV Kit for Capture

item #PKE000D
Price: $29.95 Buy Peak Design POV Kit for Capture
Peak Design POV Kit for Capture
Peak Design POV Kit for Capture description:
If you thought that helmet mounts were the extent of your POV camera's capabilities, think again. The Peak Design POV Kit for Capture works with your Capture unit (sold separately) to turn any backpack strap, belt, or strap-like object into a rigid, stable mount for your GoPro, Sony Action Cam, or other POV camera, allowing you to shoot in ways you never imagined. It keeps the camera close to your body and allows you to position the camera at any angle you want so you can shoot unique angles, and a stabilizing pad ensures ultra-smooth video. It can also be used as a discreet, convenient way to mount a point-and-shoot camera, too. Please note, this product requires the Peak Design Capture unit for use. If you don't already own a Capture, Peak Design recommends buying the CaputePOV or CapturePRO, both of which includes this kit.

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