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Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

item #PKE0006
Price: $59.95 Buy Peak Design Slide Camera Strap
Peak Design Slide Camera Strap
Peak Design Slide Camera Strap description:
Peak Design claims its Slide Camera Strap is the most versatile pro-quality camera strap in the world, and after looking at the facts, it's pretty hard to argue against that claim. It's sturdy and and padded enough to comfortably support DSLRs equipped with huge lenses, yet still low-profile enough for using with smaller mirrorless cameras. Additionally, Anchor Link quick-connectors let you wear the Slide as a sling, a neck strap, or a shoulder strap, and smooth and grippy sides of the strap allow it glide over clothing or stay put exactly where you want it, depending on what you need for the situation.

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