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Phil and Teds Lobster High Chair

item #PHL0005
Price: $89.99
Sale Price: $71.99
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Phil and Teds Lobster High Chair
Phil and Teds Lobster High Chair description:
The Phil and Teds Lobster High Chair is a portable solution for parents seeking a safe and hygienic seat for their baby when they're dining out and traveling. Not only does it fold flat within its included storage bag for convenient carrying, but also it ingeniously attaches to a wide variety of table surfaces with its "lobster claws," complete with rubber grips. These vice-like clamps feature easy-twisting adjustment, adapting to dining surfaces between 0. 8 and 3. 75 inches thick. Now your baby can eat alongside your company, whether you're cozying up to the counter, seated at the dining room table, or enjoying dinner at a restaurant. And to ensure a secure fit, the four-point harness straps in the most rambunctious of babies, retaining solid hold through squirming and kicking movements.

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