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Pedro's L Torx Set - 7 piece

item #PED000P
Price: $24.95 Buy Pedro's L Torx Set - 7 piece
Pedro's L Torx Set - 7 piece
Pedro's L Torx Set - 7 piece description:
The Torx fastener's quickly becoming standard issue on the modern bicycle, and quality wrenches like Pedro's L 7-piece Set are an essential addition to any home or professional tool box. Made from heat-treated SNCM-V alloy steel, these wrenches ensure superior strength and excellent purchase to prevent stripped bolts. They also feature extra length for leverage and access to hard-to-reach bolts. The set includes T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, and T40 sizes in a convenient holder. Pedro's L Torx 7-piece Set is backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty.

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