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Pedro's Adjustable Wrench - 10in

item #PED000N
Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $31.03
Buy Pedro's Adjustable Wrench - 10in
Pedro's Adjustable Wrench - 10in
Pedro's Adjustable Wrench - 10in description:
Adjustable wrench's come in all sorts of sizes and shapes ... and quality. Pedro's knows the importance of a premium Adjustable Wrench to mechanics, and offers this 10in version as an alternative to the questionable products populating big-box hardware stores. An innovative jaw design prevents damage to fasteners, especially important for the soft aluminum common on bikes. It opens to a maximum of 33mm and has a laser engraved scale to take the guess work out. For proper usage, a direction arrow on the soft TRP handle makes sure forces on the wrench are placed where they're designed to go. The Pedro's 10in Adjustable Wrench is forged from a chrome vanadium body to provide the strength and durability that warrants a lifetime guarantee.

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