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Patagonia Mesh Master II Vest

item #PAT01X2
Price: $179.00 Buy Patagonia Mesh Master II Vest
Patagonia Mesh Master II Vest
Patagonia Mesh Master II Vest description:
One minute the sun is beating down and you're really feeling the heat, the next minute it's pouring rain. Luckily, the fickle mountain weather won't faze you when you're wearing the Patagonia Mesh Master II Vest. A lightweight mesh body keeps the air flowing so you stay cool and dry when you're fishing under the searing sun, while waterproof pockets protect your flies and other supplies when clouds suddenly move in. The vertical front pocket design allows easy access to fishing gear while keeping the fit streamlined, multiple interior pockets stow tippet spools, and there's even a hidden rod holder for extra convenience. An adjustable front closure lets you tailor the fit to accommodate extra layers, and the EVA foam collar ensures a comfy fit no matter how much gear you're hauling to the river.

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