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Patagonia Baby Little Sol Hat - Kids'

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Price: $35.00
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Patagonia Baby Little Sol Hat - Kids'
Patagonia Baby Little Sol Hat - Kids' description:
There's nothing more adorable than your little tot all swaddled up in their swim gear (complete with adorable puppy belly and diaper booty, of course). But the cherry on top this cuteness sundae is the Patagonia Kids' Baby Little Sol Hat. Designed to provide subtle, yet substantial, protection for your wee one, the Baby Little Sol Hat features a durable exterior, complete with 50+ UPF protection for defense against the sun's harmful rays. Meanwhile, the no-itch polyester jersey is comfortable, and the inner band quickly wicks away the buildup of moisture. A separate front and back brim promote full coverage--though the front panel can be snapped upwards for an enhanced view.

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