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Patagonia Stormfront Hip Pack - 549cu in

item #PAT01HI
Price: $199.00 Buy Patagonia Stormfront Hip Pack - 549cu in
Patagonia Stormfront Hip Pack - 549cu in
Patagonia Stormfront Hip Pack - 549cu in description:
Whether it's deliberate or unintentional, you've waded to the middle of the river and the water is tickling your upper chest. Good thing you sprung for the waterproof Patagonia Stormfront Hip Pack, otherwise you'd soon be suffering through rapidly rusting flies and soggy tippet spool labels. This waterproof and lightweight hip pack was designed to withstand being submerged and repeated exposure to lots and lots of water. When your angling escapades don't require a full daypack, this rugged hip pack gives your gear a diry ride. Rugged nylon won't falter in the face of barbed wire (are you sure you're allowed to fish here') or thorny blackberry bushes. The fabric resists liquid entreaties due to fully welded seams, a polyurethane coating on the exterior, and a TPU coating on the interior. The only way water sneaks inside is if you unzip this pack and leave it open in the middle of a rainstorm. The 3D spacer mesh belt and back panel minimize excess moisture from amassing at your lower back, taking away the chances of chafing. The belt offers multiple adjustments to prevent the pack from sagging in the back.. The padded shoulder strap lets you sling this bag across your chest when you're racing to dock. Interior zippered pockets prevent your keys and phone from commingling with each other, let alone your fly boxes. Rod tube holders let you transport your prized possession safely. Be it surf spray, a deluge of biblical proportions, or guerrilla waves that take you down, your flies and gear will stay dry in this waterproof hip pack.

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