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Patagonia Hybrid Fly Fishing Pack Vest

item #PAT01A3
Price: $99.00 Buy Patagonia Hybrid Fly Fishing Pack Vest
Patagonia Hybrid Fly Fishing Pack Vest
Patagonia Hybrid Fly Fishing Pack Vest description:
Patagonia offers anglers a new option with the Hybrid Fly Fishing Pack Vest. The front stays true to fly-fishing form with multiple drop-in pockets and hemostat holders. From behind, this barely-there vest looks like a daypack with a bungee strap. When you wearing this stunningly light and incredibly breathable vest, not only will you be more comfortable, but you can stay hydrated throughout the entirety of a multi-hour fight with a fish. Nylon ripstop fabric on the outside won't fray, and the polyester 3D spacer mesh lining helps you stay cool even when the pressure's on to catch something, anything, really. Open sides add to breathability in addition to leaving ample room for layering when angling in awful weather. The backpack element holds your hydration bladder, or an extra fly box and your lunch. A bungee strap on the pack stores your jacket or extra layer. If you've not settled on a favorite rod, you can bring along an extra with the rod holder in the rear.

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