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Patagonia Ultralight River Crampon

item #PAT009O
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Patagonia Ultralight River Crampon
Patagonia Ultralight River Crampon description:
Since you started wearing the Patagonia Ultralight River Crampon, you no longer refer to the Skeena using a string of swear words. Updated for 2014, these crampons are lighter and more flexible than ever. Now, when you've landed what appears to be the mother salmon of 'em all and are hunkering down for a few hours of fighting, you can focus on the fish and not fear falling into the drink. The recycled plastic frame lost some weight for the new season and is fully adjustable without requiring any special tools. The riveted aluminum bar treads won't rip apart the bottom of your boat so long as you're careful. More important, though, the bars are widely spaced to offer grip on rock and sand while cutting through algae and river slime. The durable harness system is made from corrosion-resistant, fiberglass-impregnated neoprene. This easy-to-alter harness won't crumbled after a season in salt and lets you find the perfect fit every time, whether you're wearing wading boots or neoprene booties.

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