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PowerTap P1 Road Cleats

item #PAP000R
Price: $19.95 Buy PowerTap P1 Road Cleats
PowerTap P1 Road Cleats
PowerTap P1 Road Cleats description:
We've recently seen some misinformation circulating around the Internet about cleat compatibility for PowerTap's P1 pedals. A few reviews from popular sites noting that certain cleats from other manufacturers sorta kinda work with the pedals has led to people trying to mash cleats into pedals that weren't designed for them. This is obviously dangerous and, we think, a bit foolhardy. PowerTap's P1 Road Cleats are the only cleats designed to work with the P1 Pedals. Don't take a chance on your own safety; if your PowerTap cleats are worn, replace them with the P1 Road Cleats.

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