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PowerTap G3C Hub

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Price: $999.99
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PowerTap G3C Hub
PowerTap G3C Hub description:
Ceramic Speed bearings are said to be the lightest, smoothest, and most durable bearings on the market. When you read about pro teams replacing stock bearings with ceramics, Ceramic Speed is the company they rely on. These bearings are hybrid ceramic, with steel races and rounder-than-round ceramic balls. They're the ne plus ultra of the bearing world and are the upgrade that transforms the PowerTap G3 Wireless Hub into the G3C Wireless Hub. They run smoother, and they shave 10g off of the total weight of the G3 rear hub. G3 is short for Generation Three. Much like the G2 hub, this one chops a prodigious amount of weight off the previous version, but it does much more than that. The G3 design looks like a conventional hub, with a Matte Black finish and smaller diameter that masks the hub's purpose. This is only the most obvious of the changes. A much bigger deal is the new electronics configuration. They're now attached to the left hub cap rather than to the hub body, and they're able to be serviced without sending back the hub or rendering it useless. That the brains of the hub are able to be serviced without sending back the wheel is huge. Just about every single powermeter ever produced, whether it's a hub, crank, or a pedal, it needs to be serviced at some time over its operating life. Until now, you've needed to give up your precious meter for days, or even weeks, to get it worked on and returned. We've witnessed power fiends get despondent and desperate, trying to figure out how they can source a spare powermeter for the duration of the absence. Now, you're able to get a spare cap with all of the electronics before you send yours in. And shipping is simpler and cheaper when you don't have to stick a wheel in a box. Another improvement that comes with this change is a single CR2032 watch battery powers the transmitter. These batteries are easier to source and replace than the two 357 batteries found in the older hubs. The battery should last for approxima...

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