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Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS Float Tube

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Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS Float Tube
Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS Float Tube description:
While it may not get much better than catching rising fish on the river with a dry fly, the allure of hooking into big bows with tiny chironomids is enough to drive even the most dedicated dry fly fisherman to the lake. And unless you plan on spending your days straddling worm cartons and savoring the odor of trout cheese as it permeates your nostrils, you'd better board the Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS Float Tube and get out to where the fish are feeding. The Super Fat Cat LCS is a durable float tube designed and built for the dedicated angler that spends the bulk of their summers out on the lake chasing big, stillwater trout. Its U-boat design makes it a comfortable boat to kick around in, while the rockered nose helps it roll over white-capped waves with ease. Two large accessory pockets (both of which are fitted with cupholders) offer plenty of storage space for all the tackle you need for a day on the water, and the inflated seat and back rest offers a comfortable place to cast from. And when the streamer bite is on, the integrated stripping basket prevents excess line from getting caught in your flippers and around your legs.

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