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Osprey Packs Xenith 88L Backpack

item #OSP0316
Price: $360.00
Sale Price: $270.00
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Osprey Packs Xenith 88L Backpack
Osprey Packs Xenith 88L Backpack description:
It's tough to know what to pack for a month-long trek through Nepal, but the Osprey Xenith 88L Backpack is a solid start due to its massive 88-liter capacity that's able haul just about everything but the kitchen sink--and it might just have enough for room for that, too. This expedition-ready pack comes equipped for extended forays into remote wilderness areas and is equipped with all of Osprey's load-bearing technology so you can carry all that gear as comfortably as is reasonably possible. Osprey built the Xenith around a LightWire peripheral frame that helps direct the weight of the pack from your shoulder to you hips and a single aluminum center stay for rigid support when the pack's weighed down with over 60 pounds of gear. The back panel, which is equipped with a moldable hipbelt and shoulder harness for a customizable fit, maintains breathability through a spacer mesh material that keeps cool air flowing between your back and the pack. Loading and unloading the pack after a full day of hiking is made easy thanks to a large top-loading design and additional front panel access point for quick access to deeply buried layers and gear. And when your objective requires a bit more specialized gear, multiple gear attachment points keep your ice axe, trekking poles, and sleeping mat attached to the front of the pack.

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