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Osprey Packs Pandion 28L Backpack

item #OSP009J
Price: $140.00 Buy Osprey Packs Pandion 28L Backpack
Osprey Packs Pandion 28L Backpack
Osprey Packs Pandion 28L Backpack description:
A slightly smaller version than its fellow urban-bound compatriot, the Osprey Pandion 28L Backpack offers you the best of both worlds: technical design, durability, and adaptive performance from Monday all the way to Friday. To start, the Pandion is outfitted with a rugged packcloth fabric to assure longevity and protection from errant city-bound obstacles, while contemporary, modern aesthetic lends an adaptive look whether you're traveling in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine. Additionally, the ventilated AirspeedTM back panel ensures that your work attire won't be saturated with sweat when you do arrive at the office (come summer, especially), and the compression straps help stabilize your load, so you're not lopping around the sidewalk like an half-dazed bug. Speaking of stability, the Pandion is equipped with an integrated kickstand, which in turn allows you to access your necessities without having to worry about the backpack tipping over and spilling your contents. And, in the mean time, the blinker light attachment point allows you to alter your commute from bipedal pursuits to pedal-pushing, should you desire it.

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