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Orvis Recon Fly Rod - 4 Piece

item #ORV000I
Price: $424.95 Buy Orvis Recon Fly Rod - 4 Piece
Orvis Recon Fly Rod - 4 Piece
Orvis Recon Fly Rod - 4 Piece description:
The newest addition to Orivs' line of trout rods, the Recon 4-Piece Fly Rod was made for the working-class angler that puts the legwork into landing the fish of their dreams. This moderately priced offering from Orvis borrows a similar taper design from its popular, award-winning Helios 2, resulting in a high-performance rod at about half the price. Using a top-secret blend of high modulus and intermediate modulus graphite, the Recon casts similarly to the Helios 2. The fast action of the the Recon allows the rod to be loaded at short distances, making it great on medium-sized rivers and creeks, but it still has the ability to power your line to the far end of the river when you spot a fish rising against the bank. The up-locking reel seat keeps your reel secure and features a dark burl wood insert, giving the rod a classic Orvis look. It is made in Manchester Vermont, and comes with an American-made aluminum rod tube with red sock.

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