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Orvis Silver Sonic Convertible-Top Wader - Women's

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Orvis Silver Sonic Convertible-Top Wader - Women's
Orvis Silver Sonic Convertible-Top Wader - Women's description:
Fishing is fun unless you're stuck wearing waders owned by a former pro-football player, even if he was on the small end of the size spectrum. Get rocking on the river in the Orvis Women's Silver Sonic Convertible-Top Wader and leave behind oversized, ill-fitting (men's) waders once and for all. Twelve different sizes means almost every woman, regardless of shape or build, should be able to find a wader that fits better than most clothing. Four robust layers of nylon stand guard against incoming water and your angling body. SonicSeam technology eliminates needles, threads, and seams. Stitch-free construction takes away the threat of seam-started chafing, eradicates tiny openings through which unwelcome water may creep in, and maximizes long-wearing and hard-hiking comfort. The innovative suspender suspension system means you can flip between waders and pants without removing the straps. Bibbed or not, the belt keeps your profile sleek but can come off when you don't want waist decoration. Neoprene booties know the difference between right and left. Sized more for female feet, you won't be cramming excess fabric into your boots. The gravel guards protect your tender soles from pebbles and other underfoot irritants found in the water. Quick-drain mesh panels leave the water in the river bed so you're not hiking back to the car with unnecessary water weight. The internal waterproof pocket flips out for easy access and lets you finger your phone without exposing it to the elements so you'll have proof of your 5 trophy-worthy steelhead.

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