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Optimus Terra HE Cook Set

item #OPS000T
Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $55.39
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Optimus Terra HE Cook Set
Optimus Terra HE Cook Set description:
Waiting for the water to boil can feel like hours when you spent the day trekking across the alpine. Optimus made the Terra HE Cook Set to cut boil time by 20% so you can wait for a little less than "what feels like eternity." The frying pan and both pots have non-stick surfaces, which comes in handy when there's no room in your backpack for olive oil, and the pan doubles as a lid for both pots. Optimus included a lifter that can hold all three cookware pieces, a neoprene bag that lets you hold scolding stuff, and a sponge for cleaning up the mess.

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