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On Footwear Cloud Shoes - Men's

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Price: $119.99
Sale Price: $83.99
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On Footwear Cloud Shoes - Men's
On Footwear Cloud Shoes - Men's description:
You love the feeling of pavement pushing under your feet on race day, but your knees might appreciate a little more cush on training days. The Men's Cloud Shoe is Swiss-branded On Footwear's lightest shoe with maximum cushioning so you can run with the cushy support and none of the added weight. On achieved this by taking unnecessary Zero-Gravity foam out of the midsole to reduce the weight without interfering your much-needed comfort. This unique design also adds flexibility to the grippy CloudTec sole for a responsive feel to your personal gait. Since the Cloud is all about speed, the Cloud's breathable, sturdy upper uses elastic lacing so you can slip in the shoe and cruise.

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