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Orion Orion 55 Cooler

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Orion Orion 55 Cooler
Orion Orion 55 Cooler description:
From hunting elk in Wyoming's high country to relaxing beachside on the Gulf Coast, the Orion 55 Cooler keeps everything from quartered game to frosty beverages icy cold. This 55-quart cooler is large enough for multi-day trips and backyard barbecues with all your friends, yet it's still portable enough for shorter trips to the beach. Rugged polyethylene construction stands up to the rigors of outdoor excursions, with a grippy traction pad atop the cooler for sitting and standing purposes. Two-inch insulation is bonded to the exterior shell, creating an exceptional thermal barrier from blistering heat in summertime. This thicker insulation keeps perishables and beverages nicely chilled with a minimal amount of added ice, even for days at a time. Galvanized cam latches create a solid seal from the elements, as well as keeping out pesky animals in the wild. One of the Orion 55's most innovative features are its built-in bottle openers, as well as corner tie-downs for stabilizing it in your truck or fishing boat. YakAttack gear tracks boost functionality with separate accessories, ranging from a deluxe minibar to fishing rod holders. The Orion 55 is proudly crafted in the USA by the same company that makes Jackson Kayaks, so you know it's going to last through years of hardcore use and abuse.

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