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Orion Orion 45 Cooler

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Orion Orion 45 Cooler
Orion Orion 45 Cooler description:
Produced by Jackson Kayak here in the USA, the Orion 45 Cooler utilizes the same materials used in Jackson's whitewater kayaks, resulting in an extremely rugged and durable cooler for everything from weekend river trips to week-long hunting expeditions. Probably the most versatile cooler in the Orion line, the 45-quart capacity is well-suited for quick trips and extended stays in the wilderness. However, where the Orion 45 really stands apart is with its unique looks and plethora of included accessories.In addition to its bear proof, roto-molded polyethylene shell, the Orion 45 is fitted with two inches of insulation to keep your food cold. Yakattack gear tracks on either side of the cooler allow you to accessorize it with everything from rod holders to fish finders, cup holders, or GPS mounts through the RAM accessory integration system. Six aluminum tie down points allow you to secure the cooler in the bottom of a drift boat, whitewater raft, truck bed, or motor boat, and with four of the tie points doubling as bottle openers, you can crack a cold one open from any corner of the cooler. When camping in bear country, the cooler can be locked down via padlocks making the cooler completely bear proof according to the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC). Inside the cooler is a plastic tray to keep your grub organized.

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