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100% Ridecamp Glove - Women's

item #OHP003P
Price: $29.45 Buy 100% Ridecamp Glove - Women's
100% Ridecamp Glove - Women's
100% Ridecamp Glove - Women's description:
Replace your bulky, mismatched gloves with the streamlined 100% Ridecamp Glove this season and enjoy miles of precise shifts and lever throws on everything from brown pow, to mud, to moon dust. This versatile trail glove comes sans padding, so there's no risk of extra bulk getting in your way of a quick downshift when you only have a split second. Airy fabrics and smart features like supple Clarino palms mean you'll stay in-control on stomach-dropping lines without ending up drenched in sweat, and the stretch finger gussets will allow you to feather the brakes on a descent as much as you need to without restriction.

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