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100% iTrack Gloves

item #OHP001F
Price: $27.45
Sale Price: $23.84
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100% iTrack Gloves
100% iTrack Gloves description:
The Ride 100% iTrack Gloves aren't quite as light and minimal as the barely-there Celiums the company makes, and for some riders, that's perfect. The mesh backing is slightly heavier and more protective than that of the Celiums, and the single-layer Clarino palm isn't quite as heavily perforated. You still get touchscreen compatibility, though, thanks to Ride 100%'s Tech Thread in the thumb and index finger tips. The iTracks also step up the materials with a pull-type cuff and tab, along with a 3mm-thick thumb overlay pad to protect this oft-overlooked area of your hand.

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