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Ohlins RXF 34 160 Fork - 29in

item #OHL0010
Price: $999.99 Buy Ohlins RXF 34 160 Fork - 29in
Ohlins RXF 34 160 Fork - 29in
Ohlins RXF 34 160 Fork - 29in description:
If you're into any kind of extreme motorsports -- enduro, MotoGP, Rallycross -- then you're all too aware of the mystique enjoyed by Ohlins Racing. Like many of the top cycling products, Ohlins' suspension products are often used clandestinely by non-sponsored athletes because, simply put, they're pretty much impossible to beat. The 29in RXF 34 160 Fork brings the Swedish brand's expertise from the motorized enduro world to the self-propelled one, outfitting the new breed of hyper-aggressive 29er enduro sleds with a fork that's versatile and stiff enough to take advantage of every opportunity to gain seconds. In terms of world-class enduro racing, Swedish is the new breed. There's a reason why we were compelled to cite Ohlins' innovative dominance in different sports to whet your appetite, and it manifests in the fact that the fork's design is, well, dominantly innovative. The RXF 34 is the only fork on the market to feature a twin tube damper, which separates the rebound and compression oil flow. Since the twin tube design lets the oil flow parallel and independently, the fork maintains optimal pressure at all times, riding higher with a smoother initial stroke. It maintains consistent, predictable small bump compliance across successive hits to leave you more in control of your lines and with more responsive traction. The damper is an obvious improvement across the line, but the 160mm RXF model may benefit even more than the shorter travel models from the air spring. It's got an additional positive chamber, adding a third member to the typical air spring loadout of one negative and one positive that effectively replaces the need for internal spacers. The presence of two positive chambers means that the resistance can be dialed to alter the compression curve without adding spacers, so the fork can be set to maintain its initial suppleness but ramp-up harder to avoid bottoming out on big hits. Externally. No spacers. Can we stress that enough' No, we can't. Given...

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