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Orange Seal Shine Bike Cleaner

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Orange Seal Shine Bike Cleaner
Orange Seal Shine Bike Cleaner description:
Sharing the same principle as Orange Seal's chain lube and sealant, nanites in the Shine Bike Cleaner's formula fills voids. But in this case those voids are microscopic scratches that mar a bicycle's finish over time. Orange Seal's engineered, sub-micron particles fill imperfections on modern bicycles, including both paint and carbon, so the Shine Bike Cleaner will polish to a factory-fresh sheen. This formula is designed to cut through light dirt, which simplifies preventive maintenance -- post-ride, just spray on the frame and wipe it off. If you've just completed a 'cross race or muddy mountain ride, however, then a sudsy spray-down is in order. As well as cutting through grime, Shine Bike Cleaner is designed to protect the dyes, pigments, and polymers used in graphics and finishes from ultraviolet light. This prevents degradation of the colors to preserve the bicycle's appearance throughout its working lifetime. It also repels dust so the next application's quick and easy. Orange Seal also made sure its Shine Bike Cleaner is safe on suspension seals and derailleur cables, but we'd be cautious to get any on braking surfaces -- that's a job for rotor grease. Orange Seal's Shine Bike Cleaner is eco-friendly and comes in two or eight ounce sizes.

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