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Orange Seal Slide Chain Lube

item #OGS0006
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Orange Seal Slide Chain Lube
Orange Seal Slide Chain Lube description:
Formulated with nanites, Orange Seal's Slide Chain Lube not only prevents wear, but its nanotechnology also fills microscopic voids in chains to effectively reduce friction. The sub-micron, lubricating nanites bury themselves into the links to keep the chain running smoothly in all types of conditions. To ensure proper distribution of nanites, Orange Seal suspends them in a liquid solution that evaporates, leaving them behind in all the vital spots. The nanites then act as ball bearings on a molecular scale, encouraging the chain to roll over cogs rather than scrape by. Also, because the Slide Chain Lube dries, leaving behind solids, it significantly reduces the amount of dust and dirt that adheres to a chain. Orange Seal's Slide Chain Lube comes in 2oz and 6oz bottle sizes.

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