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Omega Pacific Link Cam Package

item #OGP000L
Price: $415.99 Buy Omega Pacific Link Cam Package
Omega Pacific Link Cam Package
Omega Pacific Link Cam Package description:
This Package of four Omega Pacific Link Cams really gives you twelve placement options, which is three times the amount of standard climbing cams. A one-of-a-kind triple-axle design provides a greater expansion range than any other camming device on the market. Perhaps even more impressive is that these cams keep a consistent angle throughout their range so holding power isn't compromised at either end of the spectrum. In addition to the triple axles, these cams also include cam stops to provide extra security on tipped-out placements. Omega Pacific used crossed trigger wires to reduce bulk near the top of the cam, which allows you to frig in pro where nothing else would work. A single-stem design and a nice wide trigger profile make this cam easy to place when you're cruxing. After all, what good is gear if you can't get it in the crack'

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